Robyn (doncasturbate) and Louis :)
Did this one for fun/practice ~ it’s transparent as well.
please don’t re-edit and say it’s Eleanor

"He’s sweet enough" - Harry’s tweet about Louis (x)

It’s muthafuckin’ transparent for ya’ll~ byee

Another Mini 1D school comic~
featuring Harry, Niall, and Louis :)


Lirry! :3 I decided to color in their eyes, idk how I feel about it yet, but I felt it needed a change since people keep confusing my drawings with other doodle artists :/
Also the change with Harry’s hair haha, that took me forever..i had no clue how the heck his hair has been working lately, but hopefully it looks somewhat similar…??..i tried -__-

Prince Liam: You know, I feel really bad not knowing your name. Maybe I can guess? is it uh..Mildred?
Mia: [ disgusted face]
Prince Liam: [laughs] okay, no. How about Diana? Rachel?
Sebastian: [whispering] Mia. Her name’s Mia!
Prince Liam: Mia?
Mia: [nods]
Prince Liam: Mia?! Oh, that’s kinda pretty. Okay, Mia

hahahahaha I clearly need help obviously.

Wise men say,
Only fools rush in
Oh, but I can’t help
Falling in love with you

Shall I stay?

Would it be a sin?
Oh, but I can’t help
Falling in love with you

So this isn’t really mini 1D .___. but I had this in my sketchbook for awhile :/ and Ingrid Michaelson’s version of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” came on my itunes and I suddenly felt like posting it.

this is one of those filler doodles because I’m having this lame art block and so I ended up doing a ziam one because idek. :/

and idk what happened to their bodies haha
i havent drawn them in awhile so..

Haven’t drawn much in awhile, sorry :/
hope this kinda makes up for it~


sometimes you need some self-assurance.