Tired of it.

Due to the extreme amount of people taking my drawings,
I won’t be drawing any more MINI 1D…
It’s already all over instagram, facebook, and twitter..
and people have been taking off my watermark and replacing it with their names..

Apparently several girls have already given them my drawings but they claimed them as their own…and it really bums me out because I put a lot of effort into making them..
I’ll probably draw a few more before I start school, but that’ll be it.
I also need to focus more on my studies since schools been getting really stressful :/

Sorry guys,
I know a lot of you looked forward to them & they were the reason you all basically followed me..
I already told people before to stop taking them, but no one listened to me…

note: I’ll be posting the last few drawings when I get back home.
I’ll try to hold one last contest before closing down the MINI 1D~ so watch out for it!!

Love you guys
& thank you for loving them too~
If you guys unfollow me for this, then I understand :|


Because of the amount of requests for it,
I finally made a mini Eleanor and Danielle~



Mini Professor Payne is here to help~!
…..sorta… haha
Hey, can’t blame the kid for trying :’)


Nothing’s fineee I’m tooooorrrrnnnn :’)

lol I had to draw their old hair of course~ haha
Congrats to the boys releasing their album in America~!!! :D

xx mia

Bedtimes Stories are always pleasant~ :)
and look! the 4 nipples! haha

xx mia

full size here (x)
It’s a rainy day here and the boys decided to play an inside game x)

xx mia

Mini Jae discovering Mini Hazz and Nialler celebrating “Naked Oreo Day”
It’s not a real holiday, but it is in the Mini 1D house… hah!!

xx mia