do people still wear blazers to school?
or is that faux pas?


For you Jaesama

A thank you from me to you Mia! Been a fan of yours since 2012. A drawing inspired from your twitter picture, hope you like it:D

omg is this my twitter icon?!
this is so sickkkk thank youu omg im dyin (/*o*)/

So i bought some stuff today lol

  • exo stationery
  • exo-k keychain
  • exo pencil case

i mastered the smokey eye
can i be a kpop star now?

i have a mole under my left eye apparently.

my outfit for the Miyavi concert. ahhh it was so much fun~ I’ve officially seen him perform live 6 times! i love him so much it hurts (/*-*)/