Then u ain’t a true directioner are u bithc

ahh yes, my kind of otome game. Get Dumped.

u know u an old crusty one direction fan if you remember this shit going around

lol my mac was about the same price as yours when i bought it. what made it go up so much was the Retna Display. if it wasnt for that it wouldve been a few hundred less but im a digital artist to so i wanted a real nice screen.

i feel you about the digital art thing.
guess ill just save some money for a new mac
but im thinking of also buying an HP laptop as well


yep :)
i bought the manga actually~

Damn girl what Mac are you buying that's $2,600 I just got a Mac two days ago and it was only $1,200

its a laptop i wanna buy~

*whispers* michael is so tsundere for luke. Just wanted to say that your last drawing of him was really cute <3

haahah thank you
and yes, michael is a total tsun tsun

Your latest posts... I'm curious to what game you're playing. :)

star project,
your job is basically to manage different stars
i wish the english version was up to date with the korean version
idk if galaxy games is even updating it anymore T__T